SMPT007 – Element: Dysprosium

The new Symp.tom collaboration release between The Relic and me is now available. Pressrelease:

Symp.tom presents: Number 007! Mental Wreckage is back, and this time he joins forces with The Relic to form a new project that goes under the guise of Dual Mechanism. This joint venture stands for raw, f**ked-up and mechanical beats with a slight touch of techno and noise… shaken, not stirred. If you can’t get enough of dark & alternative hardcore, you definitely have to check this one out.

Available at Mid-Town Records now!

Nightmare Outdoor: Symp.toms Vol. 1

With the extremely successful event A Nightmare Outdoor still in the back of our heads, Neophyte Records’ sister label Symp.tom unleashes its first compilation album ‘A Nightmare Outdoor – Symp.toms Vol. 1‘. This compilation has been compiled by Mental Wreckage & Mute., two of the main artists of the Symp.tom label, and contains 18 of the best dark & industrial orientated hardcore tracks for those who like it rough & raw.

Symp.toms Vol. 1 will be available soon, released simultaneously with the normal edition of the Nightmare Outdoor compilation.


  1. The Outside Agency – 740 mHz – Inertial Overtone
  2. Broken Rules – Reference Point
  3. Mute. – Mechanibals
  4. N-Vitral – Carnal Jesus
  5. Mental Wreckage – Lawaai
  6. Mindustries – Massdriver
  7. Mute. – Maneater
  8. Mental Wreckage – Audial Anarchy
  9. Petrochemical – Blind Demon
  10. Sei2ure – Piledriver
  11. DJ Daisy – Back and Forth
  12. Ophidian – Predator and Prey
  13. Broken Rules – Slickster
  14. Meccano Twins – Intro-Mission (Mental Wreckage remix)
  15. Ophidian – Formshift
  16. Mental Wreckage – Ediskrad (Meccano Twins remix)
  17. Mindustries – Deus Ex Machina (Producer Adrenaline Injection)
  18. The Outside Agency – Black Lectroid