Symp.tom 10: Evolve or Die

My third solo release just came from the pressing plant! I’m very proud of this release and it already has pretty good DJ support. Here’s the official press release:

“After having only participated in other projects for the last 3 years, Mental Wreckage is finally back for a new solo-release. Symp.tom 10, called “Evolve Or Die”, takes on a different direction compared to MW’s previous releases… hence the title. This will also be the first Symp.tom release with a brand new cover-design.

Salvation Within Death will destroy everything in its path, with distorted sounds and a massive kick. Secret Government is a monotone and empty track, but its pounding drive can do some pretty good damage. The Exile Returns is a chaos of messed-up and retriggering loops, accompanied by a deep kick. Recommended for the jocks who don’t fear the experimental side of the core. Neural Framework has a groovy techno-feel with nice rhytms and a solid kick. The Afterlife is an outtro, dedicated to the ones who were lost in October 2007.

This release is already having some serious DJ-support:
Peaky Pounder, The Outside Agency, DJ Daisy, Mindustries, Stormtrooper, Broken Rules, Petrochemical, Hamunaptra, Genosha All-Stars, Mental Wreckage & The Relic.”

Symp.tom 9: Angel’s Share

Symp.tom 9 by The Relic is available, including a collaboration track with me. Here’s the press release:

The Relic is back to deliver his second solo release on the Symp.tom imprint. Included in this package are:

  • 1 intro.
  • 1 combination of some pretty sick kicks and an eerie atmosphere.
  • 1 harsh collaboration with Mental Wreckage.
  • 1 revisit of The Relic’s typical style from his old label FIX Records.
  • 1 pounding track full of noise.

By adding up these 5 components… you get 1 killer release! Available at Mid-Town Records now.

Symp.tom 8: Poison for the Masses

Symp.tom #8 just came from the pressing plant! Time to welcome another new name on the label; the german-based doomcore producer Moleculez, who is already known for his many releases on labels like The Third Movement, Industrial Strength, Meta4, Deathchant, Epileptik, Nordcore and Neurotoxic… just to name a few of ’em.

Moleculez presents an excellent 5-tracker with a pitch dark feeling, including two collaborations with Symp.tom’s own residents Mental Wreckage and The Relic.

DJ Support: The DJ Producer, Simon Underground, Bryan Fury, Stormtrooper, Manu Le Malin.


A1. Flatline
A2. Particle Cannon (Symp.tom Edit by Mental Wreckage)
A3. Consumed By Corpses (with Mental Wreckage)
B1. Monucular (with The Relic)
B2. Black Reconnaissance

Available at Mid-Town!

SMPT007 – Element: Dysprosium

The new Symp.tom collaboration release between The Relic and me is now available. Pressrelease:

Symp.tom presents: Number 007! Mental Wreckage is back, and this time he joins forces with The Relic to form a new project that goes under the guise of Dual Mechanism. This joint venture stands for raw, f**ked-up and mechanical beats with a slight touch of techno and noise… shaken, not stirred. If you can’t get enough of dark & alternative hardcore, you definitely have to check this one out.

Available at Mid-Town Records now!

Nightmare Outdoor: Symp.toms Vol. 1

With the extremely successful event A Nightmare Outdoor still in the back of our heads, Neophyte Records’ sister label Symp.tom unleashes its first compilation album ‘A Nightmare Outdoor – Symp.toms Vol. 1‘. This compilation has been compiled by Mental Wreckage & Mute., two of the main artists of the Symp.tom label, and contains 18 of the best dark & industrial orientated hardcore tracks for those who like it rough & raw.

Symp.toms Vol. 1 will be available soon, released simultaneously with the normal edition of the Nightmare Outdoor compilation.


  1. The Outside Agency – 740 mHz – Inertial Overtone
  2. Broken Rules – Reference Point
  3. Mute. – Mechanibals
  4. N-Vitral – Carnal Jesus
  5. Mental Wreckage – Lawaai
  6. Mindustries – Massdriver
  7. Mute. – Maneater
  8. Mental Wreckage – Audial Anarchy
  9. Petrochemical – Blind Demon
  10. Sei2ure – Piledriver
  11. DJ Daisy – Back and Forth
  12. Ophidian – Predator and Prey
  13. Broken Rules – Slickster
  14. Meccano Twins – Intro-Mission (Mental Wreckage remix)
  15. Ophidian – Formshift
  16. Mental Wreckage – Ediskrad (Meccano Twins remix)
  17. Mindustries – Deus Ex Machina (Producer Adrenaline Injection)
  18. The Outside Agency – Black Lectroid