DD00108. Moleculez & Mental Wreckage – Rawsome

2020 is the year Mental Wreckage returns for good, after his EP with resurrected tracks for META4 he graces Dark. Descent. – and brings along another producer who shaped industrial hardcore back in the days, the mighty Moleculez!

Oh the intensity you can create when you know how to use simple elements properly: Washes of noise and a kick constantly gliding off the track are all it needs to render “Algorythm” most urgent, and it will leave you with a weird ring in your ears. And “Crushed by Noise Pt. 2” harks back to a 2010 EP of Moleculez & Mental Wreckage with The Relic and is nothing less than a brutal rhythm noise banger, simply rawsome!

  1. Moleculez & Mental Wreckage – Algorhythm
  2. Moleculez & Mental Wreckage – Crushed by Noise (Part 2)

Now available at Spotify and the Dark Descent Bandcamp page:

New release on Meta4

Meta4X. Mental Wreckage – The Missing Symp.toms (Part One)

In the 00s Symp.tom was one of the boldest trailblazers among the industrial hardcore labels. Now, a good decade after its demise, fellow time traveller Meta4 is honoured to release four lost gems by one of Symp.tom’s main artists, Mental Wreckage. Other than the revisited/remixed versions on the 2017 Dark Descent EP, these are lost originals, treasures so far hidden.

One instantly notices how topical these still are: Rough and ready, bustling with noise and layers of atmosphere, well lined up for any contemporary DJ set. Get two relentless and upfront tracks, plus a percussive gem featuring Syndemic (a sadly short-lived production unit) and a bouncing finale by MW alias Empty.Shell.

And where there’s a part 1, one may also hope for part 2, right?

01. Mental Wreckage – Wandering in the Dark
02. Mental Wreckage & Syndemic – Unilluminated
03. Mental Wreckage – Unusual
04. Empty.Shell – Arh+

Now available at the Meta4 Bandcamp page:…/the-missing-symp-tom…

(use code “may1” for a 10% discount)

Lawaai Remixes

After a 5-year recording hiatus, my new release is out.. Grab it now! Press release:
DD16088. Mental Wreckage – Revisited Symp.tom: Lawaai Remixes

Industrial hardcore will never die – Dark. Descent. revisits its own roots with this look back at a track that appeared on a 12″ in 2005 on Symp.tom; which could arguably called the Dark. Descent. predecessor. “Lawaai” (i.e. “Noise”) is a more than appropriate title for this scorching classic with its distinct analogue sound modulation. Of course the original track is included here for good measure, but the excitement is to see how it is revisited a dozen years later: Symp.tom main men Mute. and Mental Wreckage give “Lawaai” a midtempo rhythm noise update, with the latter on a more freeform trip; Embryonic delivers two versions; a majestic doomcore anthem and a speaker-wrecking cacophony of “Lawaai”. Dark. Descent. main man and Symp.tom veteran The Relic infuses the noise with evil kicks in the contemporary industrial hardcore fashion, thus bridging the gap between those days gone by and the enormous momentum that this genre still thrives on. Bring the noise and maybe there will be more of that…

This release is now available at Bandcamp!

Upcoming Material

It’s been a while since I posted some updates about my upcoming material.. so this is a perfect opportunity. As some of you know, several releases are fully or almost ready. Some have been for a long time, even. But I’ve been holding them out deliberately, despite earlier posts. Unfortunately, for those who didn’t know yet, I’ve been having health-related issues for a long while, that interfere with finishing stuff up or adding some proper finishing touches. Also I hate the pressure of deadlines.

Health-wise, things seem to go a bit better lately, so I’m a bit more active again. But I’m learning to not over-do it, to prevent a new burn-out. Rest assured, the new stuff will come. You’re in for a treat. And major thanks for your patience so far, I know I haven’t released anything new for years now. I’ll start putting out my releases whenever I feel my health is balanced well enough again so that I can keep working on new stuff in the meantime. I don’t have an exact estimation yet, but I hope it’s somewhere halfway this year.

Peace out.

And when enough of my new stuff has been mixdowned & mastered properly, I’ll start posting some previews to show what you can expect! (and for those paying attention; some of these new tracks have already been present in some of my podcasts & recorded DJ-sets)

New track on Sarin Assault album!

Sarin Assault‘s new album “Red Reign” is finished and will be hitting the stores around the end of December. It will be a pretty diverse album, varying from 139 to 258 BPM and also includes several collaboration tracks with Deathmachine (UK), Fiend (USA), Nawoto Suzuki (JP), SpeedyQ’s (FR), AkiraThe Relic and me.

Red Reign will be released on Sarin Assault’s record label KTR Productions Ltd. and comes in two different versions; CD (11 tracks) or Digital (11 tracks + 2 exclusive bonus tracks). Most of the tracks will also be released on 12″ vinyl in the near future.

Sarin Assault – Red Reign

01. Sarin Assault – Chrome
02. Sarin Assault – The Man Who Grew Wings
03. Sarin Assault & Fiend – Fighting Is Futile
04. Sarin Assault – Out of Darkness
05. Sarin Assault & SpeedyQ’s – Sarin Attack
06. Sarin Assault – Red Reign
07. Sarin Assault – Breath
08. Sarin Assault & Deathmachine – The Thing
09. Sarin Assault & Akira – U Gonna Get Urz
10. Sarin Assault & Nawoto Suzuki – Yakuza
11. Sarin Assault, The Relic & Warchetype – Demon Child

Digital Bonus tracks:
12. Sarin Assault – Battle for the North Star (2012 Remix)
13. Sarin Assault – Vader

Symp.tom 13: Raw Like Sushi

German doomcore artist Moleculez delivers his second release on the mighty Symp.tom imprint.

Very raw stuff on this new release, including new and pounding collaborations with Mental Wreckage and The Relic. With 5 dark and twisted tracks full of ear piercing sounds and massive layers of distortion, Moleculez unleashes a very diverse and high quality 12″. Another fine addition to the Symp.tom catalogue.

A1. Moleculez – Inhumanoid
A2. Moleculez & Mental Wreckage – Rawk & Roll
B1. Moleculez – Vertigo Part 2
B2. Moleculez & The Relic – Sentinel Killer
B3. Moleculez – Innocence

Available at Mid-town Records!

Nightmare Outdoor 2009 – The Live Sets

The new Nightmare Outdoor liveset CD has just been released on Rotterdam Records. It features my recorded set from the Symp.tom area (Industrial Hardcore) on Disc 3.

01. Armageddon Project & Promo – Righteous Infliction of Retribution
02. Mental Wreckage – Salvation within Death
03. N-Vitral – Binck
04. Armageddon Project & Promo – Diamonds for the Pigs
05. Peaky Pounder – Viimeinen
06. Moleculez – Morning Has Broken
07. The Outside Agency – Dark Serenity
08. Tieum & Laser Chaser – People Kill People
09. Moleculez & Mental Wreckage – Consumed by Corpses
10. Rude Awakening – Means to An End
11. The Outside Agency & Ruffneck – Waste of Humanity
12. Tieum – Tresso
13. Mindustries – Beat the System
14. Mental Wreckage – Secret Government
15. Ruffneck & Sei2ure – Armorgeddon
16. Wedlock & Comababy – Void Sector (Assault Remix by Nosferatu)
17. Sei2ure – Rocket Fuel

Available at the Mid-Town online shop!

Symp.toms Vol. 4: Life Below 20Hz

As the dark days of Christmas draw ever closer and the beginning of a new year becomes imminent, Symp.tom decided it wanted to end 2008 with a bang. So without further ado Symp.tom presents Volume 4 of the well-known Symp.toms series: Life Below 20Hz. Where the previous 2 editions were filled with some of the hardest live sets from the industrial area of A Nightmare Outdoor, this time we return to the concept of the first chapter of the series… only this time, everything goes on overdrive!

Putting the total at 52 tracks on 2 discs, Symp.tom’s own residents Mental Wreckage and The Relic each crafted a mix out of a carefully selected collection of the darkest and filthiest “industrial” orientated hardcore tracks. Of course lots of material from the Symp.tom label itself (including new tracks by Mute., Dual Mechanism & The Relic) as well as (some new and exclusive) quality tracks from the likes of The Outside AgencyOphidianMoleculezBroken RulesRazor Edge and many… many more.

The result is 2 smashing discs both containing an uncompromised sonic assault filled with crushing kickdrums, wicked breaks, pitch dark atmospheres and a lot of distortion. The ideal soundtrack for the dark days of the winter.

Symp.tom 10: Evolve or Die

My third solo release just came from the pressing plant! I’m very proud of this release and it already has pretty good DJ support. Here’s the official press release:

“After having only participated in other projects for the last 3 years, Mental Wreckage is finally back for a new solo-release. Symp.tom 10, called “Evolve Or Die”, takes on a different direction compared to MW’s previous releases… hence the title. This will also be the first Symp.tom release with a brand new cover-design.

Salvation Within Death will destroy everything in its path, with distorted sounds and a massive kick. Secret Government is a monotone and empty track, but its pounding drive can do some pretty good damage. The Exile Returns is a chaos of messed-up and retriggering loops, accompanied by a deep kick. Recommended for the jocks who don’t fear the experimental side of the core. Neural Framework has a groovy techno-feel with nice rhytms and a solid kick. The Afterlife is an outtro, dedicated to the ones who were lost in October 2007.

This release is already having some serious DJ-support:
Peaky Pounder, The Outside Agency, DJ Daisy, Mindustries, Stormtrooper, Broken Rules, Petrochemical, Hamunaptra, Genosha All-Stars, Mental Wreckage & The Relic.”

Symp.tom 9: Angel’s Share

Symp.tom 9 by The Relic is available, including a collaboration track with me. Here’s the press release:

The Relic is back to deliver his second solo release on the Symp.tom imprint. Included in this package are:

  • 1 intro.
  • 1 combination of some pretty sick kicks and an eerie atmosphere.
  • 1 harsh collaboration with Mental Wreckage.
  • 1 revisit of The Relic’s typical style from his old label FIX Records.
  • 1 pounding track full of noise.

By adding up these 5 components… you get 1 killer release! Available at Mid-Town Records now.