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31 Oct 2020


  • 01. Mental Wreckage - No Pressure
  • 02. Mental Wreckage - Severed (Parts 1 & 2)
  • 03. Mental Wreckage - Not Human
  • 04. Mental Wreckage - Lawaai (One Last Remix by Demanufacturer)

Mental Wreckage comeback tour 2020 pt. III: After well-received EPs on META4 and Dark.Descent. we think Traumatic is the obvious choice for this one! Three all new tracks that are intensely rhythmic, hypnotically repetitive and very deeply atmospheric - just raw enough to remain unmistakably Mental Wreckage. And in case this cutting-edge industrial marriage of noise and melody hasn’t finished you off properly, Demanufacturer provides a banging, teeth-grinding (and supposedly final) remix of MW’s classic track “Lawaai”, harking back to the good ole’ Symp.tom days. Turmoil inevitable!

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All tracks written by L. Koehorst.
Mastered by Dennis Jacobs


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